Exclusive Online Portal for Panama Ship Registry & Crew Endorsement

Panama Maritime Service Center

Officially Authorized by Consul-General Embassy of Panama

A collaboration Between Consul-General Embassy of Panama and Marine Online

Our Process

  • Shipowner/Manning Agency submits application

  • Panama Officer review and quote the application

  • Make Payment

  • Issue Certificate



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the relationship between Marine Online and Consul-General Embassy of Panama?

Marine Online is officially authorized by Consul-General Embassy of Panama and all the applications submitted on Marine Online will be sent to Panama Officer for approval, users can monitor the status of the application, make payment online and download the approved temporary certificate from Marine Online at any time.

2. How do I apply for the crew endorsement?

  • Login as Shipowner/Manning Agency
  • Submit the crew endorsement application form
  • Panama Officer will view the application and give quotation
  • Proceed to payment

3. Who can apply for crew endorsement on Marine Online?

Any Shipowner/Manning Agency companies who are registered on Marine Online can apply for the crew endorsement.

4. How long does it take to get the approval?

It takes 1-3 working days approximately to receive the temporary certificate (valid for 3 months) and the hard copy will be ready in 1 month or so. Additionally you can opt for our express service where you can get the endorsement around 1 weeks’ time.

5. Can I withdraw/amend my application after submission?

Application cannot be withdrawn if Panama Officer has begun processing them. However, you can submit the missing documents/additional documents via Marine Online for your submitted application.

6. Will my application fee be refunded if Consul-General Embassy of Panama rejects my application?

Application fee cannot be refunded if Panama Officer has begun processing them.