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Platform for bunker price addresses opacity issues

bunker price

Shipowners can now look forward to real-time transparent bunker prices Fluctuating bunker prices have been a constant challenge for shipowners actively looking for good-priced fuel. Vessels that periodically call on ports are subject to inaccurate bunker prices and unaware if they are getting the best available rates. Getting around fluctuating …

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Marine regulations slams brakes on automation

Marine regulations

Maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS) would need their own legality framework on marine regulations, writes Rupert Talbot-Garman Though the world looks forward to witness autonomous shipping technology implemented in full force, its surrounding legalities are concerning. Artificial intelligence and IoT have dominated the maritime headlines including successful voyage tests. However, …

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Third Singaporean firm licenced as LNG bunker supplier by MPA


Total Marine Fuels Pte Ltd awarded the LNG bunker supplier licence by The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) From 1 January 2022, Singapore-based Total Marine Fuels will be an officially licenced LNG bunker supplier. This makes the country having a total of three licenced suppliers; including FueLNG Pte …

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