Tiger Eagle brand sun reflection insulation paint
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Tiger Eagle brand sun reflection insulation paint
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Tiger Eagle brand sun reflection insulation paint

product manual:

Huying brand heat-reflective coating adopts special resin and pigments filled with UV-reflective pigments and additives, and is coated with a multi-layer vacuum chamber structure. It has excellent radiation insulation, low thermal conductivity and can reflect 95. The solar heat of % reduces the surface of the object by about 15-20 °C, saving energy and reducing consumption.


  1. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, strong adhesion, UV resistance, weather resistance, heat and humidity resistance, and the effect is maintained for 5 years.

2, energy saving, greatly reducing the cost of cooling, indoor temperature can reach 10-15 °C.

  1. Protect buildings from acid rain and ultraviolet rays, and achieve rust and corrosion protection.

Scope of application:

Insulation and cooling of petrochemical storage tanks, grain and oil storage, steel structure plants, and building exterior wall roofs.

Transport storage:

Transport and store in the same way as general water-based packaging.

Packing specification:

Plastic drum Net weight 20KG/barrel.

Shelf life:

Store in a cool place with a shelf life of 12 months.