Tiger Eagle brand HY-103 rust type rust-proof water-based paint
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Tiger Eagle brand HY-103 rust type rust-proof water-based paint
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Tiger Eagle brand HY-103 rust type rust-proof water-based paint




product manual:


     HY-103 environmentally friendly rust-proof anti-rust paint is made of water-based synthetic resin

Learn anti-rust raw materials, penetration enhancers, conversion agents and other materials, after multiple reactions

Polymer, its effective chemical bond strongly penetrates into the metal surface rust layer to fully react

Conversion to form a beneficial paint film protective layer to achieve rust and rust prevention, can be used as

Primer and intermediate paint for rusting of steel products.



Product Usage:


    Steel structure construction, steel mold, container, shipbuilding, metallurgical chemical, mine

Rust and rust prevention and maintenance of production equipment.


product advantages:



  1. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, the product does not contain heavy metals, no VOC gas emissions, effective protection

   Effectively protect the environment and the health of employees;



2, this product can be rusted, no strict sandblasting on the steel surface,

   Save time and labor.


3, quick drying, temperature is 25 ° C, humidity 50%, surface dry time 10 to 30 minutes

   Left and right, 24 hours of work, shorten the construction period, improve work efficiency, save space and



4, the paint film has strong adhesion, UV resistance, weather resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance

   Sea water, good compatibility with other paints or coatings.


5, long-lasting anti-rust effect, long-term exposure does not change color, not powder.


  1. The theoretical coating rate is 10 to 12 square meters per kilogram.


  1. Water is thinner, add 0~10% tap water according to construction needs.



Construction instructions:


  1. Remove oil stains and floating rust on the steel surface before construction, and rust layer thickness during rusting operation


   Generally no more than 100 microns.


2, construction methods: spray, brush, roller coating.


  1. Stir well before use, stir the electric mixer for more than 3 minutes, halfway

   It must be re-mixed after using for more than 2 hours.


  1. It is strictly forbidden to incorporate organic and inorganic solvents such as Tianna water, toluene, xylene and gasoline.


5, the surface is fast, the construction of the second paint is water-based paint can shorten the interval between spraying, about

   10 to 30 minutes; if solvent-based topcoat is used, the interval between secondary sprays is 6

   ~12 hours.


  1. Construction is not recommended in environments where the temperature is below 5 °C and the air humidity is greater than 80%.

   If the construction should be increased ventilation or other measures, in the cold and humid season steel

The surface will condense the water in the air, affecting the film formation and rust prevention.




Product related:


  1. Product packaging: This product is packed in plastic drums with specifications of 20kg/barrel and 60kg/barrel.


  1. Transport and storage: Transport and store according to general water-based products to avoid sun exposure.


3, shelf life: the factory shelf life is 12 months, if the shelf life does not occur

  Solid, through the mixing barrel without agglomeration and discoloration, the effective component index can be tested and can continue to be used.