HY-101 strong osmosis type rust and rust-proof water-based paint
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HY-101 strong osmosis type rust and rust-proof water-based paint
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Tiger Eagle HY-101 strong penetration type rust-proof rust water-based paint



product manual:



        This product is a milky white suspension with modified resin copolymer added to rust conversion

Nanomaterials such as agents and penetration enhancers, polymers obtained by multi-component reaction,

The active ingredient penetrates strongly into the rust layer and fine gaps on the metal surface to fully react with the rust.

The conversion forms a beneficial paint film protective layer to achieve a rapid descaling effect.



Product Usage:



         Derusting and antirust primer for steel surface





  1. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no harmful gas emissions, no heavy metals.


  1. This product achieves the effect of rust removal when the steel surface cannot be sandblasted.

      Effectively reduce labor load and improve work efficiency.


3, rust removal, anti-rust and long-lasting, good compatibility with other coatings.


4, tap water can be used as a thinner, the construction process can be used as needed 0 to 15%

      Tap water for dilution.


5, the surface is fast, the temperature is between 20 ° C ~ 25 ° C, humidity about 50%, dry time

 10 to 30 minutes.


  1. The theoretical coating rate is 10-15 square meters per kilogram, and the film thickness is about 10-20 microns.


7, non-combustible, non-explosive, can be welded and sprayed in the same environment at the same time.



Construction instructions:


  1. Remove oil stains and floating rust on the steel surface before construction, and the thickness of the rust layer generally does not exceed

      100 microns.


2, construction method: can be sprayed, brushed, dip coated, pay attention to heavy rust recoating during construction

      To the best effect.


  1. The active ingredient of this product will react with iron. There must be no iron during storage and construction.

      Or substances such as rust fall into the paint bucket to avoid deterioration caused by deterioration.


  1. It must be stirred thoroughly before use before use.


5, this product is strictly prohibited to be mixed with Tianna water, toluene, xylene, gasoline and other organic and inorganic



  1. Construction is not recommended in environments where the temperature is below 5 °C and the air humidity is greater than 80%.

      Otherwise it will affect the effect.



Product related:


  1. Product packaging: This product is packed in plastic drums with specifications of 20kg/barrel.


  1. Transport and storage: Transport and store according to general water-based products to avoid sun exposure.


  1. Warranty period: The shelf life of the factory is 12 months, if the shelf life is exceeded,

     Dry and solid, test the active ingredient by no agglomeration and discoloration in the mixing tank

     The standard can continue to be used.