About our bunkering services

We are able to provide shipowners with significant savings through our extensive partnerships with more than 100 bunker partners, covering over 700+ ports and supply services for shipowners with IFO 180, 380, 500, 700, MGO and lubricant oil products since bunkering is a major component of vessel operating costs. In addition, we offer live bunker prices and quotations to suit all your bunker needs. Through this, shipowners are able to check oil prices at global ports in real time, receive and compare multiple quotes, as well as choose the best payment terms. They will then be able to choose the best supplier for their needs. This new online transactional model is more efficient and convenient for shipowners compared to the old traditional model.

Our Authorized Service Providers are screened using Marine Online’s stringent standards, so rest assured that our Authorized Service Providers will provide a high quality of service at affordable rates.

News about Bunkering
Singapore will soon be in ammonia bunkering business
Decarbonisation lobbying has catalysed the maritime industry to go for net zero, resulting in many nations exploring green ammonia as alternative marine fuel. Since March, Singapore harboured the ambition to pioneer the world’s first ship-to-ship ammonia bunkering base to facilitate the mission.
Maritime industry expected to face net zero hurdles
Alternative fuels are key but the industry has to keep up on using it safely
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) dominates Korea’s newbuildings sector
The cleanest fossil fuel ramped up newbuilding orders in the republic